nathan casteel
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Amongst the Crowd.jpg

Among the Crowd, 40"x60", Acrylic, 2015

The Hard Day Fades.JPG

The Hard Day Fades, 18"x36", Acrylic, 2014

Before the West.jpg

Before the West, 2015

He Was a Farmer .JPG

He Was a Farmer, 2014

path to pier.JPG

To the Pier, 24"x36", Acrylic, 2012

Under the L.jpg

Under the L, 30"x24", Acrylic, 2015


Sooline, 20"x20", Acrylic, 2014


Silent Sound, 40"x60", Acrylic, 2016 (SOLD)

Lost But Found.JPG

Lost But Found, 40"x60", Acrylic, 2014


Field of Three, 40"x60", Acrylic, 2012

These Vampires.JPG

These Vampires, 2014


Searching for Agate, 2011

Silent Still.JPG

Silent Still, 2014

Alley View.JPG

Alley View, 2012

red wall.JPG

Red Wall, 2011

weathered handle.JPG

Weathered Handle, 2011