nathan casteel

Chicago + Main Residential Tower

(GREC Architects, 2016)

Located at a prominent intersection of South Evanston, this residential structure bridges the commercial activity of Chicago Avenue with a quiet, family-oriented lakefront residential neighborhood to the East. Directly across Chicago Avenue are transit stations for both the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra, the regional commuter rail system; this project is a textbook case for transit-oriented development.
Retail spaces at grade level are scaled to the pedestrian experience and contribute to the liveliness of the neighborhood street. The second level offers incubator office space and resources for local entrepreneurial ventures, as well as resident amenities and a landscaped roof deck. Residences on levels 3-9 range from studios to 3-bedroom units with floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies to enjoy views of downtown Evanston and Lake Michigan.
The project is designed for LEED Silver certification and includes high-efficiency building systems and plumbing fixtures, stormwater management systems, sustainably produced building products and materials, and extensive green roofs and landscaping of native plant materials.